Fred Astaire

Sleep, come to me,
Like an adolescent squeeze
Who do handstands on the sand,
Combated by the sea.

All done up on the skyscrape beach,
Pretty tried, but true?

And Fred Astaire was dancing through your teeth
Talkin' 'bout the kids putting on the ritz.
(She doesn't know what the stars gone through for you)

She said I'm a strain,
With a liking to complain,
Well who took the steam,
Out of that old engines train?

You took me to a sinking ship,
There were guys wearing bathing suits and ties,

Fred Astaire was dancing,
Just tap dancing, so loud with you
Yeah he go dancing through your teeth,
Talkin' 'bout
Talkin' 'bout the
Talkin' 'bout the kids
Talkin' 'bout the kids putting on the ritz

Live Like TV

Facing all these faceless ladies that ain't got names,
Safe for you,
Has just made me
Live like TV,
Waste my time, its like money too.

Every night the re-run goes
You've gone out, I stay home, hows your chaperon?
I wish he'd come and turn me off,
He'll do things that I don't understand,
Sunday, I'll dock this boat up on dry land,
And you'll be sinking in the quicksand,
But 'til then,

All these facelift ladies, ain't got names,
Save for you,
Its not easy to
Live like TV,
When your new tube, ain't got nothing new.

I know you've done your best to be yourself, (with one foot running fast)
But your screen made it seem
I had to go and shut down my daydreams ,
To be right by everybody else,

Now that the kings gone.
What will the children say?

New Stance

I don’t know you, but I would hate to
Be the man who cleaned up after you,
Send your love this way, it don’t matter now
I’ve got so much, shit will only fade.
Up in the sky, where the spacesuit was aligned
With your eye and the cockpit so alive,
With the kids in the shoot shoot bay,
They were only made to break your head,
But now that jesse’s got a brand new stance
I got older, strange these things happen,
Look around the way for the cavalry
Kick you up a cloud where the snakes fall out
And you go where you’re never really happening
Passive and slow, stakes was won,
Heaven sailed and they made you run,
I wonder how far you got by now,
You really got to have your doubts
And the kids are gonna miss you play
And the thieves get to have their day
Now that jesse’s got a brand new stance,
He’s off that.

Here Comes The Neighborhood

Hey (ey?)
Look over there (where?)
But don't stare,
There's a boy and he's young, and he's scared (why?)
And when he gets drunk, he cries.
He cries, "oh mama, come on sit by my side"
But she don't, and you wanna know why?
She won't say.

What you here for? that old ghost town of a dance floor?
They say, "i don't want to hear that cabaret play,"
Here comes the neighborhood.

Hey, look over there (where?)
Over there, there's a boy in the symmetry chair,
And how'd he get there?
Was it you and I?

What'd you hear kid? that old ghost town is a trash bin,
They say, "oh, I don't want to hear that cabaret play"
5-6-7-8 more, I'd like to set em' straight
But I'm not sure if I've got the gaul or the body weight
To let the band play, "here comes the neighborhood"
They want to know if the shoe do fit,
They want to know if the space is legit,
They want to hear that low back chain shift,
Mr. Officer tell 'em about it
Mr. Officer tell me about it

Lindy Hop

Suicide's in style for your 1990's smile,
So happy once all the while,
But you flipped the switch, bitch
So naturally I'll see your moneymaker,
Shaking 'round the dial,

And your coupon's saying, "this is your last chance!"

I wanna know how the birds and bees do fly?
Oh how ya get to be so fly?
I wanna know why?
You do the lindy hop,
Around every word you drop
Hey, ain't it funny boy

You ran up on me with a gun and stole the honey, c'mon

They got strut but not the sweat
They got the sweat but not the soul,
And there's a line cook half dead sleeping on the floor,
And the bumble bee buzz through aryan walls
Who dun the lindy hop?
They do the lindy hop and switch around and stop.